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Our Story



        From the beginning nature has compelled and driven us with every free moment we had. Escaping into a world, enriched by the beauty of our own B.C. backyard was what brought happiness to us. After countless weekends exploring everything our province had to offer, our love for the ocean and the Southern gulf Islands had flourished.


        For us finding a balance between our love for the outdoors and work was something we always dreamed about, but was always something that always seemed too good to be true. Our passion for nature and our combined experience of 23 years in hospitality was what brought us to the dream of owning a small resort. A place where we could let our skills and experience as well as our excitement for nature speak for itself. 


        After family had bought a home away from home on Pender island and we spent a summer wandering the island and exploring the waters surrounding it, there was no question this is where we felt we wanted to call home.


        It wasn’t long after while searching for the perfect place to bring our vision to life, that we came across The Tides. From the moment we saw pictures to the day we first lay steps on the property there was no doubt this was it. It was as if we could finally take a deep breath away from the busy city. Our dream had come true and we couldn’t wait to show people everything this charming island had to offer.


        Our love for the ocean, nature, and the environment is really what drives us in bringing our vision to life. Our ultimate goal is not only for guests to come and be mesmerized by the raw beauty and nature of the Southern Gulf Islands, but to also be able to give back to the environment and its local flora and fauna.


         Our passion to welcome guests to this B.C. paradise drives us every day as we continually improve, unravel, and bring to life our dream and everything this captivating property has to offer. Come take a deep breath away from the city, explore the Gulf Islands, and fall in love with Pender Island with us. 

Budd & Brook

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